Why Meditation Matters

For thousands of years, people from all cultures and traditions have talked about the importance of meditation, mindfulness,...

The Lion's Roar: Fully Speaking our Truth

One reason that the Senate hearings with Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh were so captivating is because these two figures carried...

A Crisis of Empathy

We live in a time when there’s a crucial lack of a basic resource. I'm talking not about water, food, or clean air, although those and...

Returning to Balance

Preparing, Grounding, Centering, Opening, and Energetic Balancing For better or for worse, we are living in a very paradoxical time in...

Reiki as First Aid

In Reiki classes, when we talk about the history of the system of Reiki, one of the stories that I especially like is that Chujiro...

Let's Take a Chance on Love

[I originally posted this at our previous blog site in January 2018, but am reposting on our new blog, as it's always a good time to...

Photography and Transcendence

I'll talk more about the awakening process in following blog posts, but wanted to share an essay that I originally presented at the Art...

About Los Gatos Reiki

At Los Gatos Reiki, our mission is to promote healing, balance, and wholeness, through Reiki treatments, classes, group meetings, and...

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