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We offer a full range of Reiki classes, groups, and workshops:

We offer all three of the main levels of Reiki teachings, Reiki I (Shoden or 'first teachings'), Reiki II (Okuden or 'inner teachings'), Reiki IIIa (Shinpiden or 'mystery teachings'), and Reiki IIIb (teacher training).

We also offer various groups including a Discussion and Meditation group, and a Reiki Share group. Everyone is welcome, whether they have experience with Reiki or not. For details, see below.



Various workshops are available, including  in-person workshops, online webinars, and video archives.


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Reiki I  (Shoden,  'First Teachings')

The first level, Shoden (which mean 'First Teachings' in Japanese), teaches the foundations of Reiki, including what Reiki energy is, how we can connect with it, and the basics of using Reiki to help ourselves and others heal mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki can help us can start to have less anger, worry, and fear, more love, compassion, and equanimity, and help us to become our whole, balanced self.

Our Level I classes are taught over two days, including time for key topics like meditation and focus, increasing our sensitivity to energy, and general principles of energy work, as well as practicing our techniques on ourselves and others.  Certificates will be received after completing an exam.

Reiki II  (Okuden,  'Inner Teachings')

The second level, Okuden (the 'Inner Teachings') will broaden and deepen our connection with the energy of Reiki, by introducing the symbols and mantras, distance healing, and the use of chanting to focus and grow our energy. In addition, Okuden teaches how to become a professional Reiki practitioner.

Our Level II classes are taught over two days, including material that isn't usually covered, such as doing Reiki with the breath and the eyes, what physical parts in the body correspond to the energy centers of the 'hara' and 'upper hara', learning about the key role played by the pineal gland, and how to decalcify it. We will also allow time for more practice with meditation, growing our energy and sensitivity, and practicing our techniques with others. 

Certificates will be received after completing an exam.

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Reiki IIIa  (Shinpiden,  'Mystery Teachings')

The third, level to the system of Reiki is Shinpiden (the 'Mystery Teachings'). This is the beginning of the Reiki Master training, in which we learn about the Great Bright Light, its connection with awakening (aka satori, illumination, transcendence, moksha, fanaa, etc.), and what it really means to connect with our whole self (aka what's sometimes called the 'true self', higher self, Buddha self, Christ consciousness, or the soul).

We will learn various meditations and techniques for connecting with the Great Bright Light and awakening, as well as the corresponding symbol and mantra. We'll also learn how to perform a reiju (a spiritual blessing, in some ways similar to the darshan of Hinduism, or the latihan of Subud).

This class does not include the Reiki Teacher training, which will come later in Level IIIB. It is important to first develop a personal relationship with the energy of Reiki, with our own true self, and with the universe before we start teaching others. The more we "become" Reiki, the more authentically we can teach others. 

Certificates will be received after completing an exam.

Reiki IIIb  (Teacher Training)

The final part of Reiki training, Level IIIb, prepares Reiki Masters to be able to teach others. At this level, we discuss how to teach each level of Reiki classes, how to hold the space for others, and learn to do the reiju or attunement associated with each level.


In order to take Level IIIb, Reiki Masters should have some personal experience of the mysteries discussed in Shinpiden, such as the ‘higher self’, the great bright light, and transcendental or mystical experiences. So, I respectfully ask that any Reiki Masters wishing to take Level IIIb meet with me individually beforehand, so we can discuss where they are at in their Reiki experience, and their spiritual journey.

Certificates will be received after completing an exam.

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Meditation Group

Reiki Share Group

In this group, which meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month on Zoom, we will gather to practice meditation together. We will usually begin with a brief 15 minute discussion about a topic related to meditation, and then do either one or two meditations. For example, a shorter meditation of 5-10 minutes and a longer meditation of 15-20 minutes, with time for discussion after each. Over time, we would build up to just doing one longer meditation. 

We will do a different kind of meditation each week, so we can all see how various kinds of meditation can take our practice deeper, and learn which types work best for us. For example, different kinds of meditation include focusing on the breath, a mantra, bodily sensations, or a tactile object like prayer beads, as well as looking at an object, doing various kinds of visualization, focusing on a concept (like one of the Reiki precepts), guided meditation on the five elements, and learning to 'tune' ourselves using things like music, poetry, or nature.

The kinds of discussion at the beginning of the group will depend on participants' needs and questions. In the first session, we will talk about key principles of meditation in general, such as what the purpose is of meditation, key points of how we can go about meditating, and how meditation can improve our daily lives. In subsequent meetings, we may focus on key aspects of whatever kind of meditation we plan to practice that day, or may talk about other topics of interest to the participants. For example, we could talk about the practice of radical acceptance, how meditation can help us connect with our higher self, or how meditation can be applied to specific challenges like dealing with chronic pain, emotional challenges, stress, and anxiety.

This group is open to everyone, including those who are new to meditation, those who want to take their practice deeper, and those who might be curious about different approaches to meditation. People are especially encouraged to attend if they feel that meditation hasn't worked for them before.

Meetings:  1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month
Time:        7:30 - 8:30pm
Cost:       $15-25 (sliding scale, can pay by Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal)
Location:  Zoom (for registration, please contact me at least two days before so I can send you the link)

Next topics:

4/5/23: Visualization meditations

For example, visualization might focus on a calming place like a forest or the ocean, a person or animal with traits we want to embody, an inspiring or spiritual figure (like the Buddha, Jesus, Kuan Yin, or Shiva), or a more abstract image like the blazing brilliance that some call the Great Bright Light.

4/19/23: Radical acceptance

This can be a major shift in how we approach life, if we fully accept things that are beyond our control or that we can't work right now to change. Radical Acceptance doesn't mean we have to agree with or like things that are wrong, unjust, or need to be changed, but it can help us stop wasting energy being upset, and focus on being much more effective in the world.

Past topics:

3/8/23: Meditation fundamentals, meditating on the breath

3/22/23: Meditating on physical sensations (taste, touch, hearing, smell, and internal sensations)

This group meets monthly to share Reiki with each other. Each meeting will begin with an initial meditation, then each participant will be given an attunement (a 'reiju'). When sharing Reiki, each participant will have a turn lying on the table, with the others sharing Reiki with them.

This group is open to all, whether they that have studied Reiki before or not. Anyone new to Reiki will be given basic instructions and an 'open' attunement.

Discussion Group

This group meets monthly to do an initial meditation, then discuss a topic related to Reiki, energy work, or the spiritual path, followed by a meditation related to that topic.


Each meeting will focus on a different topic, depending on the interests of the participants. For example, the following are possible topics:

  • Integral Spirituality (what it is, and how it can transform our attitudes, to embrace the best from all traditions, and how it relates to Emegent Theory)

  • General principles of energy work (based on comparing Reiki, the chakra system, QiGong, Subud, Reichian therapy, crystal healing, etc.)

  • The subtle body (physical, emotional, and spiritual selves; relation between the chakra system, and the centers of Reiki; role of the pineal and pituitary glands), and the subtle world

  • Experiences of Awakening (from states of flow, to brief glimpses of Kensho, and deeper experiences known as Satori, Illumination, the Great Reiki, Fanaa, Samadhi, etc.; will discuss some common experiences before, during, and after, and some factors that may be helpful for Awakening)

  • Cosmology, and levels of reality (the spirit world, mundus imaginalis,the Source/Tao/Brahman, the fundamental ground of being), from various perspectives (string theory, mystic traditions, the Newton Method, etc.)

  • The spectrum of transcendental experience (states of flow, Kensho, Satori, Illumination, the Great Reiki, Fanaa, Samadhi, etc.)

  • The Ordinary Self (aka the ego, grasping mind, or monkey mind), the Higher Self (aka the luminous self, the wisdom mind, spacious mind, whole self, true self, Buddha Self, Christ Consciousnes, or transpersonal self), and how to balance the two

  • Duality, Non-Duality, and Wholeness (what are they, both in terms of states of consciousness and levels of reality; why are they important; joining the opposites to reach wholeness)

  • The science of Reiki (how physics can add to our Reiki practice, including the relevance of electricity, magnetism, and frequency, as well as concepts from alchemy like the union of opposites)

  • and, many more topics, depending on the interest of the participants 

This group is open to all, whether they that have studied Reiki before or not.

We look forward to working with you

to help you reach balance, promote healing, take your practice deeper, and connect with your whole self!

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